Audi's Soon To Be Former CEO Has Been Denied Release From Jail

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That's because a German court remains suspicious of his alleged Dieselgate role.

Audi CEO Rupert Stadler was arrested in June for his alleged role in the Dieselgate scandal. Audi's parent company, Volkswagen Group, admitted in September 2015 that it had rigged some 11 million vehicles worldwide in order to cheat emissions tests. However, VW also claimed, adamantly so, that none of its top executives had any prior knowledge of what turned out to be the worst scandal to ever hit the German automaker.

But as the years and months progressed, legal authorities in Europe and the United States investigated what happened and, not so surprisingly, some of those top executives have fallen under suspicion. Stadler is the highest-ranking official so far to be accused of wrongdoing and tossed into jail.


And that is where he will remain, according to Automotive News. Stadler made an appeal to a Munich court to be released from custody. That court has rejected his appeal due to evidence that Stadler not only had knowledge of emission software manipulation but allowed its continued use in multiple global markets. Stadler served as Audi CEO since 2007, so his claims that he had absolutely zero knowledge of what was going on, quite honestly, doesn't sound realistic.

A good CEO knows every major relevant detail as to what's going on in his or her company. It does not make sense for some rogue engineers to decide on their own to manipulate the software. They would need approval from the higher-ups for something like that.

Furthermore, German authorities would not have arrested Stadler if there was not enough evidence to potentially prove his guilt at trial. Given the circumstances, it's easy to see why Stadler's get out of jail appeal was rejected. In the meantime, Audi has reportedly chosen former BMW purchasing manager Markus Duesmann to be its next CEO.

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