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Audi S3 Cabrio Drops Ahead of Geneva Debut


300-hp with 4WD, launch control and a folding roof. What’s not to like?

Set to be unveiled next month at Geneva, this is the potent new Audi S3 cabriolet. Using the same 2.0-liter turbo-four gasoline engine as other recent S3 models, the drop-top S3 is rated at 296 hp and 280 lb-ft of torque. Power is sent to all four wheels via a standard six-speed dual clutch auto box and Audi’s multi-plate clutch ‘Quattro’ four-wheel-drive system. 0-62 mph is a claimed 5.4 seconds, top speed is limited to 155 mph, while fuel consumption and CO2 emissions come in at 33.13 mpg and 165 g/km respectively.

Like the S3 Sportback, the convertible sits 25 mm closer to the tarmac than the A3 Cabrio, wears 18-inch alloys as standard as well as huge 340 mm front brake discs and adaptive damping. Styling enhancements include a grey front grille insert, a chrome windscreen surround, aluminum-look mirror surrounds, deeper bumpers, and a choice of three soft top colors. Inside, Audi has blended Pearl Nappa leather with fabric, fitted S sport seats, a sports steering wheel , stainless-steel pedals and offers buyers a selection of leathers and Alcantara. A leaked document suggest the new Audi S3 will cost $41,995 including delivery.

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