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Audi S4, Enthusiasts' Ideal Sports Sedan?

Audi Sport / 71 Comments

Audi's S4 is a fine luxury performance sedan and some even prefer it to the formidable BMW 335i. But is it good enough to please performance enthusiasts?

It may not have a stand-out exterior design, but the Audi S4 is unquestionably one of the finest premium sports sedans on the market today. In fact, it may even be the best you can buy in its segment, which also happens to include the mighty BMW 3 Series 335i. Motor Trend's Carlos Lago claims the S4 is a very effective car, but not a very emotional one. It sounds wonderful, handles great and is respectable, but it's not a hair-raising performance machine. For some people, that's just fine while for others the S4 simply won't do.

With the next-generation Audi A4/S4 due in about a year's time, the current car remains a formidable fighter in an extremely competitive segment, but is that enough to satisfy enthusiasts?

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