Audi S4 Gets Unique Paint Job Using 7 Carbon Pearl Paints Mixed Together

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This isn't recommended, but the result is pretty cool.

Mixing different paint colors is a fun way to create a unique hue, which is exactly what DipYourCar did after mixing seven carbon pearl paint colors and applying them to an Audi S4.

Where most pearl paints are mica-based, a few special pearls, known as carbon pearls, use an aluminum base and are bolder and more intense.

Supplier KP Pigments - the same one that provided the chameleon paint for the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X - warned DipYourCar owner Fonzie not to mix the paints, but he did it anyway.

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DipYourCar gradually mixed carbon gold, carbon blue, carbon red, carbon silver, carbon green, carbon lava, and carbon orange with a glossy top coat to create the mixed paint. After blending every color, Fonzie got a rose gold hue, uncommon in cars but occasionally seen on one-offs like the Rolls-Royce Cullinan for the Private Office Dubai.

Upon completing the paint job, the Audi S4 was taken out of the shop. From afar, it seems that most colors got lost in the mix. But looking closer, the different colors in grainy forms were still visible. The car also appeared to transition from rose gold to dark purple when exposed in different areas, reminiscent of the Skyline GT-R's famous Midnight Purple III.

DipYourCar/YouTube DipYourCar/YouTube DipYourCar/YouTube

The Rose Gold theme matches the bronze wheels, accentuating the stock S4. However, DipYourCar doesn't recommend that you do this experiment on your car, and especially not in your garage. Considering the unpredictability of mixing seven carbon pearls, we wouldn't recommend it either.

But if you insist, KP Pigments offers any carbon pearl colors at $2.80 for five grams. The 25-gram and 1-kg (2.2 lbs) supplies are priced at $14 and $280, respectively.

DipYourCar/YouTube DipYourCar/YouTube DipYourCar/YouTube

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