Audi S5 Gets Crushed to Death in China

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And yet nobody got hurt.

Underneath that huge container lies one of the most beautiful cars Audi has ever built. What you're looking at are pictures of what used to be an Audi S5. You may be thinking that an accident like this would occur in either Russia or China. Things like this just happen there. But today this display of stupidity took place near Quanzhou, China. And yes, there were two people inside the car when the container fell on it and both survived. Consider this a testament to Audi's devotion to safe construction.

Once the container was removed, there was just enough space for the trapped individuals to get out. Surprisingly enough, the doors managed to open somewhat as well. So let this be a lesson to everyone: beware of where you park your car when near a construction site. Or maybe anywhere else in China, for that matter.

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