Audi S8 Destroyed While Driver Walks Away


An Audi S8 driver cheats death after a serious collision with a tree. The car itself, however, was split in half.

At first glance, it wouldn’t be wrong to assume that whoever was riding in this Audi S8 didn’t survive. And if they did, then they’d likely be seriously injured. But it’s wrong to assume in this case because the driver of the car not only survived but he walked away with relatively minor injuries. Autoblog Netherlands is reporting that this crash took place last week in the Belgium town of Molenbeersel. The driver somehow collided with a tree and the car split in half.

His speed is unknown but it must have been ridiculously fast in order for this level of destruction to happen. Upon impact, the car literally came apart and pieces were scattered throughout the quaint neighborhood. Just how far did the car’s guts go? Its battery – no joke – went through the window of a house and landed on the owner’s dinner table. Fortunately, the homeowner was also uninjured and the exact cause of the crash is still being investigated.

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