Audi Says Best Combustion Sports Cars Still To Come

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Before EVs take over, engineers will be unleashed on ICE cars.

Audi will not release any new internal combustion engine cars after 2026, and by 2030, the brand's entire portfolio will be electrified. That means we still have a little over three years left for new ICE vehicles, which is plenty of time to get your gasoline fix. And Audi doesn't plan to let its ICE vehicles go out without a bang.

"Between now and 2026, you will see the best internal combustion cars ever," promised Mark Dahncke, Director, Communications at Audi of America, when CarBuzz spoke with him at the Audi TT celebration last month.

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Dahncke mentioned the next-generation Audi RS6 Avant, which he said will "blow your mind." He also promised in no uncertain terms that "there will be sports cars again."

Unfortunately, Dahncke didn't get any more specific on that topic. Rumors have been spreading like wildfire about a replacement for the Audi R8, predicted to be called the Rnext, but it seems like no one outside the company knows what Audi's plans are for a halo supercar.

As for the Audi TT, it's going away after this year with no immediate replacement in sight. Some older rumors speculated that the TT nameplate could morph into an electric crossover, but those predictions have gone quiet in recent years.

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Speaking with Audi's PR team during a final drive of the Audi TT, CarBuzz learned that once a nameplate goes away, it's unlikely to return. Aside from short breaks between generations, Audi has never revived a nameplate from its past after it's been discontinued. In the mid-1990s, the German brand converted its entire naming scheme and never looked back; the A8 was launched to elevate the lineup, the 80 became the A4, and the 100 morphed into the A6.

Though Audi promises that sports cars will continue into the electric era, we fear the sun may have set for the iconic TT.

CarBuzz/Ian Wright

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