Audi Wants To Reduce Cyclist Fatalities With New C-V2X Tech

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New C-V2X tech will keep you from hitting cyclists on the road.

Earlier this year, Audi unveiled its new C-V2X technology. The German brand has billed it as a new way to keep both drivers of its cars, like the e-tron SUV and cyclists, safe.

As many know, America is nowhere near the Netherlands (specifically Amsterdam and Rotterdam) regarding bike-friendliness. Tech like this could make a difference here. As Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson once said, the mentality here is, "work harder and buy a car."

Audi recently held demonstrations for the new tech, showcasing a range of use cases. During the demo, Audi showed off a few scenarios that could benefit both driver and cyclist, including proximity warning, front and rear collision warning, cross traffic alert, parallel parking departure alert, and both left and right turn assist.


You'd be right in thinking a lot of these sound like existing safety features.

Many of them are, but they've been updated to be more sensitive to cyclists. That way, you don't fling your door open into the path of a cyclist. When any of those circumstances we listed above occur, you'll see a notification accompanied by a tone.

The display shows where the cyclist is coming from and where you will intersect if the car is moving. For example, suppose the cyclist is approaching you from the right at an intersection. In that case, you'll see the display in your Audi's gauge cluster, notifying you of the oncoming hobbyist or commuter.

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Audi demonstrated the tech in collaboration with Spoke, a partnership it announced in March.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention ( yes, the CDC has a department dedicated to road safety) estimates that there are nearly 1,000 cyclist fatalities and more than 130,00 cyclist injuries every year.

The partnership's goal is to reduce those figures via systems like these. Audi says that C-V2X tech is key to reducing accidents on the road on the whole, and not just those between a car and a cyclist.

Audi is seeking an FCC waiver to allow the tech to be used on American roads immediately. Unfortunately, we don't know when the technology could make it to a cyclist-friendly road near you.

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