Audi Shows Us Inside E-Tron Prototype For The First Time

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It looks pretty slick... and about ready for production.

Audi is busy preparing its first fully electric vehicle for production. And for the time being, it's still keeping the exterior shape of the crossover under wraps. But now it's shown us around inside for the first time. Showcased at the Royal Danish Playhouse in Copenhagen, the Audi e-tron prototype rides on a wheelbase 2,928 millimeters (9.6 ft) long – just 66 mm (2.6 inches) shorter than the Q7's. That gives it ample room inside for five passengers (no third row here) and their stuff – all riding in a quiet atmosphere with no engine noise to invade the cabin.

All the occupants are likely to hear is the quiet hum of the electric motors and the wind noise. But even that's been reduced by the absence of door mirrors. Those have been replaced (as an option) by digital cameras – a feature that's been a long time coming to automobiles, but will be put into production for the first time in the e-tron. That is, at least, where local regulations allow it. So we wouldn't count on them featuring on the US version just yet. With no driveshaft intruding into the cabin, the rear floor is also completely flat. But there's more to the e-tron's interior than what it doesn't have. As you might expect, Audi has crafted a suitably modern – even futuristic cabin environment for its debut EV.

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The interior design is dominated by horizontal lines for an expansive, open look and feel, with a "floating" armrest, fully digital dashboard, and optional ambient lighting and orange piping and stitching. Audi has also partnered with Bang & Olfusen on the 3D-sound system, with 16 speakers and a 705-watt amplifier to deliver concert-quality audio. Despite its "prototype" label, the e-tron's interior looks production-ready. Once Ingolstadt is ready to unwrap it, the electric crossover will take on the likes of the Tesla Model X and Jaguar I-Pace. Judging from the length of its wheelbase, it'll be about the same size, and will likely carry a similar price tag starting around $70k (in the US) or €80k (in Europe).


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