Audi Sport Could Make A Hypercar To Rival The Mighty Mercedes Project One

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We wouldn't complain about an Audi Sport hypercar with Mercedes-AMG Project One performance.

With its F1-style engineering delivering impeccable power, it's widely believed that the upcoming Mercedes Project One due to be revealed at the Frankfurt Auto Show in September will set a new benchmark for hypercars. Now, German Manufacturer Audi Sport has revealed that it could develop a radical hypercar of its own to take on Mercedes-AMG. Audi Sport boss Stephan Winkelmann shared the news with Car Advice during a Bathurst 12 Hours endurance race.

Winkelmann used to work at Lamborghini, which explains his desire for Audi Sport to enter the hypercar market and build a car on a par with the prestigious Project One. "Coming from a brand where we did this in the past and we put it to a new level… if it's about a very limited car with a high price to test the value of the brand it might be a good idea," he said. He also added that Audi Sport's rich racing heritage could aid the development of a potential hypercar. "It should always have a story to tell, there should be some heritage and something that is consistent and clear with the history or the future of Audi. We're just speaking hypothetically."

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But I think everything can be judged in one way or another. I see that there is a potential for those type of cars in Audi Sport, and given the history we have in racing, with Silver Arrows, WEC and GT3 cars as you see here, there are many ideas," he said. Audi Sport certainly seems to be in a good position to develop a hypercar, following the success of its flagship supercar, the Audi R8. For now, though, a thoroughbred Audi hypercar is pie in the sky, but it probably won't take long for a talented render artist to dream up a design.


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