Audi Sport Quattro By LCE Performance Looks And Sounds Sensational On The Nurburgring

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Listen to its inline-five roar as it's put to the test.

If there's one classic Ingolstadt creation that fans refuse to let go of, it's the Audi Sport Quattro. This rally-focused coupe is what launched the brand's now formidable performance arm which has celebrated success on road, track, and gravel. This 80's icon is now being given a new lease on life thanks to LCE Performance who is currently developing a power program that will see the turbocharged inline-five stretch to 750 horsepower, despite it having 600 hp in the name. That's sure to give its much younger brother, the Audi RS e-Tron GT, a solid run for its money.

If LCE Performance sounds familiar, that's because this is the same firm that put together the zany 730-hp Sport Quattro for Ken Block as part of his recently formed partnership with Audi. The tuning firm is also an expert in chip tuning and turbocharging, so knows a thing or two about reworking high-powered performance cars.

Automotive Mike/YouTube

Thanks to the Automotive Mike YouTube channel, we've been given a clear look at a near-production-ready example finished in Green Metallic, being driven with some pace around the Nurburgring. Even at low speeds, the inline-five sounds like a delight, especially when coupled with a good old turbo whistle and some cheeky flames from the exhaust.

So far, the replica is shaping up to be a true tribute to the model's Group B rally days. As previously detailed to us, the LCE Sport Quattro will not feature the original 2.1-liter turbo inline-five, but rather a reworked 2.5-liter inline-five TDI block mated to the Audi S2's 20-valve head and KKK K27 3381.11 turbocharger.

For improved handling, the replicas will also feature a custom KW suspension, Brembo brakes with front discs from a 996 GT3 RS, and 16-inch Speedline wheels finished in white.

Automotive Mike/YouTube Automotive Mike/YouTube

The replica widebody is formed with carbon fiber to maintain a light overall mass figure of around 2,425 lbs.

Partly thanks to Ken Block's involvement with the brand, it has been refreshing to see classic models of Audi return to the car culture scene. The Sport Quattro appears to be at the forefront of this movement if we also take the electrified and modernized e-Legend EL1 into consideration.

LCE Performance confirms that its 600-hp Audi Sport Quattro will be available to order in street and track guise for the European market, but there is no confirmation as to what the price tag will be. Restomods are usually very expensive projects to carry out with asking prices that reflect that, so let's not anticipate this one to be a bargain of any sort.

Automotive Mike/YouTube Automotive Mike/YouTube

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