Audi Stages RS4 Avant Paintball War


450hp wagons? Check. Air Force hangar? Check. 12,000 paintballs? Check. This is gonna be good.

Typically cars are painted inside factories, in specially-equipped chambers with precision machinery and powerful ventilation systems. But in this latest promo video, Audi has gone about painting its new RS4 Avant in a decidedly different way. Audi put a couple of stunt drivers behind the wheel in its RS4 - one in matte black, the other pearl white - inside a giant hangar and fitted the cars with paintball guns on the hood, hooked up to fire buttons on the center console and supplemented by paint bombs and slicks.

What you’re left with is a pair of 450-horsepower V8 all-wheel-drive paintball guns, piloted by some of the most experienced stunt drivers in the business. Jim Dowdall and Colin Skeaping have worked on James Bond, Indiana Jones and Star Wars movies.

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The clip was shot with 14 GoPro cameras, 2 Red Epic cameras, six DSLRs and one mini helicopter. In the process they used 12,000 paintball rounds and 400 liters of poster paint, and took 48 hours to clean the decommissioned Ministry of Defense aircraft hangar once they were done.