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Audi Teases A9 Concept Ahead Of LA

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At least, that what this seems to be.

Audi is not a company that could ever be accused of giving too much away in teasers. A maddeningly vague set of statements and images precede nearly every big four-ringed debut. And this latest one is no different. There is absolutely no information given along with this image, but we have been expecting a new A9 flagship sedan, and this certainly looks as though it could be it. Although overall size is difficult to determine, which makes this very much a guess.

The A9 is expected to be to the A8 what the A7 is to the A6 (still with me?), essentially a more graceful and stylish body on a mechanically identical car. It might sound lazy, or at least completely unnecessary, but having both an A6 and an A7 in the lineup has been working out just fine for Ingolstadt so far. And if the A7 is any indicator, the A9 will be absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. Price-wise, it will certainly slot in above the A8, but not too much. There is a lot of room between the A8 and the Bentley Continental Flying Spur, but Volkswagen has to keep the price down if they want to avoid another Phaeton-style tragedy.

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