Audi Teases Mysterious New R8 For Paris Motor Show


What is this mystery R8?

The R8 isn't exactly what we'd call a volume seller for Audi. The company moved just 772 of them in 2017 and isn't on pace to do much better this year. A facelifted model is on its way and rumors indicate that the 5.2-liter V10 could be bumped up to 670 horsepower, which is a significant increase over the current output of 610 hp. The facelift is also rumored to bring back our favorite R8 variant, the rear-wheel-drive, limited edition RWS.

We didn't know exactly when the facelifted R8 would debut but a recent teaser from Audi has given us the exact date and location- October 2nd at the 2018 Paris Motor Show.

The teaser didn't say much, just "We have something new in store for you! The wraps come off on October 2nd. #LeagueofPerformance." That isn't much to go off of, especially since the car is covered in the picture. We can see the clear outline of the R8, with what appear to be revised headlights and what appear to be air vents on the hood. Our best guess would be a new R8 GT, which is expected to deliver around 630 hp (the same as the Lamborghini Huracan Peformante).

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It's sad to think about it, but whatever this new R8 ends up being, it may be the final swan song for the legendary supercar. Audi may not renew the R8 for a third generation, in which case the car will be killed off after 2020. This would be a bittersweet ending for one of our favorite supercars. This may end up being the best R8 Audi has ever produced, but it may also end up being the last.