Audi to Begin Downsizing

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Yes, it's true. Audi is about to begin downsizing. Their cars, that is. While there is no need to worry about the automaker and its future, what Audi is realizing is that their products are growing too much in size. You may have noticed it too, but why is that every time a new car model is released, it grows in size? Suddenly, you find a Honda Civic to be about the same size as the Accord was a decade ago. Not so anymore for Audi.

With the all-new A8 being released right now, it may well be the last model to grow in size over its predecessor. So why is this a good thing? Let's take a look at the new A4. Just looking at the new model side by side with the previous, and you can see substantial size differences.The new A4 is no longer the compact sport sedan the model it replaces. Instead, Audi designed it to have more interior room to compete better with the also ever growing BMW 3 series. In a way, this makes the compact sport sedan market disappear.

Exterior dimensions are being sacrificed for a larger back seat and trunk. As a performance car company, Audi probably understands this. Beginning with the new redesign of the Q7 SUV coming 2013, Audi will not allow it to grow in size. Instead, it will be the same size as the current model. Will this start a trend in other automakers as well? BMW loyalists often complain that with every new generation, of say the 3 series, it grows too much in size. If you ever have the chance, take a look at a 2011 3 series compared to one a decade ago.

You may be thinking the current model is too close in size to the 5 series. If you can remember back even further, the 3 series was originally the size of the current 1 series today. With Audi hopefully taking the lead on this new approach, there could be a chance that downsizing sport sedans will continue with upcoming redesigns. If this be the case, will there be a future market for cars such as the Audi A3 and BMW 1 Series? That's a whole different discussion entirely.

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