Audi to Produce R8 E-Tron After All?

Reports of the Audi E-Tron's demise have apparently been greatly exaggerated.

Electric supercars are all the buzz in Germany these days. Mercedes-Benz went ahead with development of the SLS AMG Electric Drive and BMW is proceeding as planned with the i8, while Porsche is going the hybrid route with the upcoming 918 Spyder. Things didn't look quite so positive over at Audi, though. The R8 E-Tron concept was initially unveiled at the Frankfurt show in 2009, and was tweaked for subsequently shows. Its electric motors delivered a respectable 308 horsepower, but an absolutely insane 3,300+ lb-ft of torque.

A few months ago we reported that the R8 E-Tron project had been put on hold indefinitely. Apparently the German automaker didn't feel the technology was there yet or that the market was ready, either. But the latest word on the street is that, while Audi will not be mass-producing the electric R8, it could still opt to make "a very small volume of cars". The final decision has apparently yet to be taken, but if you've got the cash to put down and the other options on the market strike you as less tempting, you may want to call Audi now and tell them you're interested.

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