Audi Trademarks SQ2, SQ4 and Q9 as More Models on the Way

A glut of new SUVs to spearhead Audi’s anticipated model expansion.

Audi recently revealed plans to add eleven new models to its lineup, and a series of new trademark applications indicate what the Four Rings have in store. Chief amongst them is the registration of “SQ2,” which doubtless will adorn a high-performance variant of the upcoming Audi Q2, and in a similar fashion “SQ4” that will be based on the planned Rage Rover Evoque rival, the Q4. But the SUVs don’t end there.

By trademarking “Q9,” Audi is all but confirming it has plans to deliver a large luxury SUV to sit above the Q7. “f-tron” has also been trademarked, suggesting Audi’s next “sustainable technology” model will utilize fuel cell power. Remember, rumors of a hydrogen fuel cell-powered A7 surfaced earlier this year. Currently, the carmaker uses e-tron for its EV/hybrid models, and g-tron for those that run on compressed natural gas.

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