Audi TT Pavilion Unveiled in Miami

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Sports coupe used as inspiration for unique architectural structure.

For reasons known only to them, Audi commissioned industrial designer Konstantin Grcic to create an architectural structure inspired by the carmaker's latest models. The result is this polygonal creation, which uses tailgate doors from the new Audi TT that fold upwards to allow visitors inside. For me, the Audi TT is a car that you drive from the city out into the countryside. I respond to this experience with a pavilion concept that stands as a point of destination at a remote site," said Grcic.

Raised off the ground on steel pylons, the TT Pavilion can be installed anywhere and on any terrain, providing temporary shelter in secluded areas. "Cars are industrially produced, mobile pieces of architecture," said Grcic. "They not only offer protection but also are perfectly equipped functional spaces for working, communicating, eating and relaxing." The mobile pavilion was built for this year's Design Miamo/Basel fair.


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