Audi TT Roadster - Luxury Sports Car

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The TT is attractive, luxurious, and sporty. However, many of its rivals provide greater performance. Compared to other luxury sports cars, the TT Roadster is no back-road burner, but it is an enticing choice. In addition to its unique attention-grabbing exterior design, the 2010 TT features a lavish cabin and standard AWD. Though the TT carries into the 2010 model year unchanged, the 3.2 models have been discontinued.


Despite some reported turbo lag, the TT's two engine choices operate smoothly and provide ample power. Both of its manual and automatic transmissions also work well with their powerplants. The TT Roadster's exterior is eye-catching. Besides being available as a roadster, the TT is also available as a coupe. Inside, the vehicle features comfortable front seats, but the back seat is virtually useless. Besides these drawbacks, the TT Roadster is a great choice if you're looking for a stylish convertible.


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