Audi TT Sportback May Actually Be a Good Idea


Just too bad it'll never happen.

Not everyone is a fan of the new Audi TT. The third-generation model doesn't look all that different from its two predecessors, a fact that some will love and others won't. Perhaps the biggest criticism people are having with the new TT is that Audi simply didn't do enough to make it look different. From several angles, it's almost kind of hard to tell the difference between it and the outgoing model. Of course, Audi couldn't deviate too much from the TT's distinct look.

However, we do feel a bit more could have been done to give it a more unique look all its own. In the meantime, rendering artist Theophilus Chin has come up with the idea of expanding the TT lineup even further, beyond the typical coupe and roadster. He's created the TT Sportback, a sleek four-door with a lengthened wheelbase. It's actually a pretty good idea, but there's really no way Audi would ever give it the production green light. The reason is the new A3/S3 sedan. Still though, the idea of a TT Sportback is certainly interesting. Too bad it'll likely never come to fruition, but we're still holding out hope for that rumored TT shooting brake.

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