Audi TT To Become More Than Just a Coupe and Roadster

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Does this mean a TT shooting brake could happen after all?

We've always known the Audi TT to be just two things: a coupe and a roadster. Ok, sure, there were the shooting brake concepts, but none of them have reached production. Now that Audi released its third-gen TT at Geneva earlier this month, you'd think the automaker would simply focus on that car and its future high-powered versions. Well, not exactly. According to a new report, Audi is strongly looking into expanding the TT lineup to include a family car as well.

Audi technical chief Ulrich Hackenberg even stated that "We are looking to see if there is more we can do. Could the TT be extended as a family car?" Anything is possible. Here's why: small coupe sales, like those of the TT, have significantly dropped over the past couple of years. However, sales in the compact premium segment, such as small crossovers and sedans, have increased. By simply stretching and possibly raising the TT, Audi could have a potential winner. Having a Mercedes CLA fighter that would appeal to the affluent under-40 market may be just the ticket. Then again, could such a model end up competing against Audi's own A3? Something to consider.

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