Audi Turning A3 and S3 Into Highspeed Internet Devices

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The car as an escape mechanism is about to take on a whole new meaning.

If you thought there are not enough ways to connect to the internet, then you are going to enjoy living in 2014. Between all of your internet capable devices you interact with at home, school, work and in your pocket, Audi wants to give you one more and it's the only kind that has wheels attached. In a move that would have made Steve Jobs proud (he was an Audi fan after all), Audi has let it be known that it is going to be bringing the lightning fast 4G LTE technology to the S3 Sport Back and A3 lines in possibly as early as 2014.

Several automotive makers are in the planning stages to offer this in their future vehicles, but it's looking like it'll mainly be Audi and GM that will have it deployed by next year. Even though entertainment functions like surfing the net and streaming movies and music will be a popular result of this add on, other attractive productivity applications could be voice dictation, video calling, social updating and improved in-car navigation functionality. Audi's long term interest may be centered around this technology's potential ability to improve driver and passenger safety. Audi believes 4G LTE might be the first step in allowing cars to communicate with each other.

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