Audi Turns RS e-tron GT Into Ice Racing Concept

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It was teased alongside a matching Sport Quattro in a purple, white, and gray livery.

The Audi RS e-tron GT is already one of the quickest cars that the German automaker builds, but it has teased an even more exciting version known as the RS e-tron GT Ice Race Concept. Yes, the idea of a concept car based on an existing production car is a bit strange, but the video teaser also shows the Ice Race Concept alongside a matching Sport Quattro, which seems to have been equipped with an electric powertrain. Both cars sport the same white, gray, and purple livery and are seen being manhandled in the snow, but no technical specifications were revealed about either.

"It's time to shift gears and embrace the future of performance," says a caption below the video. "The Audi RS e-tron GT Ice Race Concept is ready to break the ice."

Audi also says the concept is influenced by the GP Ice Race held in the Austrian Alps. The event features prototype ice racers, and some participants are even pulled on skis, which explains why a skier forms part of Audi's teaser video.


Although the unique livery of this Ice Race Concept gives the EV a fresh look, there don't appear to be other major alterations to the design itself. The same closed-off grille area and high-tech exterior lighting found on the production model have been implemented here. Inside, the Ice Race Concept has an attractive black and white interior, with the seats being finished in white. The normal RS e-tron GT has much darker interior color options, so this specification does set apart the Ice Race Concept.

Whether Audi has uprated the already powerful electric motors of the RS for this concept remains to be seen, not that it needed to. The RS e-tron GT already makes 637 horsepower in boost mode, and it's so good that even the late Ken Block chose one to be his daily driver.


The Sport Quattro that accompanies the new RS e-tron GT also bears the e-tron name, suggesting that this legendary car's five-cylinder engine has been replaced by electric motors. That said, a separate shot seems to show the test driver changing gear, so it's unclear what Audi has done here, but we'll know more when the Ice Race Concept premieres online on May 28.

This new concept comes amid an exciting couple of weeks for fans of hot Audis. Not only will Audi Sport celebrate its 40th anniversary this year, but we also recently learned that an even more powerful RS3 is on the way. Not only that, but a more extreme RS6 is coming as the company squeezes the last bit of performance from its gas-powered models before it shifts to an exclusively electric lineup.


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