Audi Wants Everybody To Know How Successful It Is With This Special Edition R8

Special Edition

My is she pretty.

Audi is proud of its racing heritage, which spans all the way from the tracks of Le Mans to the rally circuit. A year ago the Audi R8 LMS won the 24 Hours Nurburgring on its debut and has since racked up many more victories. Audi is celebrating by bringing some of its racing talent to the R8 V10 Plus to create the R8 Selection 24h. It’s a good thing that a stock R8 V10 Plus already makes 610 horsepower using its 5.2-liter engine because the Selection 24h won’t get any power upgrades.

Instead it will splash a tricolor paint finish onto the car with Suzuka Gray as the basic color, with Mythos Black and Misano Red as the highlight colors. To further jog the memories of the R8 LMS Audi will frame the laser headlights with a gloss carbon fiber front spoiler, exterior mirror housings, engine compartment cover, rear wing, and diffuser. Gloss anthracite black also finds its way onto the 20” 10-spoke rims and the sport exhaust system. The folks at Audi didn’t skimp on the interior either because it sees a Rotor Grey trim, an alcantara headliner, and carbon fiber reinforced plastic on the air vents and on the extended inlays for Audi’s virtual cockpit system. This seems nice but we wish the special edition had the performance of the R8 LMS.

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Only 24 of these special edition R8s will be made, and to remind owners of that, carbon fiber illuminated door sill trims display a number between 1 and 24 to designate which of the Selection 24h family it is. Offered exclusively on this special edition Audi are entry lights on the doors that project the R8 logo onto the pavement. Audi is using this to debut a personalization feature for the R8 that will allow customers to personalize their cars with what Audi says is a “near-unlimited range of lettering and logos from the Audi exclusive offering.” Either way, we doubt it will look as good as a custom R8. Special orders for the 24 cars start today at the price of $260,338 but put away the cash because the car will only be available in Germany.