Audi Wants To Be The Next Tesla Of The Auto Industry


And it seems like they're already on their way.

The nice thing about being the underdog as an automaker is that you can bend the rules a bit and then earn respect for being unlike the others. In many ways, this is why Tesla captures interest from so many people, even other automakers. Apparently, Audi likes the risk-taking ways that Tesla does things and according to Audi's technical development head Stefan Knirsch, his company needs to follow suit. He said, "Audi can learn from Tesla by being "more agile, faster and taking more risks."

We doubt this means that Audi will soon debut supercharging stations or large battery packs, but if the Volkswagen AG subsidiary follows its words up with actions, then we may see some interesting concepts coming from Audi soon. Audi's VW parents had mentioned recently at the Geneva Motor Show that they will invest heavily to have a practical electric car with autonomous abilities out by 2025. This car sounds similar to what Tesla has proposed with its Model 3, so this new risk-taking mantra may already be in effect. If the Model 3 really does manage to give Mercedes, BMW, and Audi a run for their money, then Audi would be wise to jump on that boat.

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