Audi Will Build An Electric Supercar To Rival The BMW i8


A BMW i8 rival will be one of three all-electric Audis due to go on sale by 2020.

Audi has previously revealed its road map for the development of its future electric cars. By 2020, the German automaker plans to have three electric cars on sale to take on the likes of Tesla and Volkswagen. However, in an interview with Auto Express at the Geneva Motor Show, Audi's chief executive Rupert Stadler revealed that one of them will be an electric sports car which will act as a direct rival to the BMW i8. Stadler didn't reveal any more details about the electric supercar, but did confirm it will arrive after the upcoming all-electric SUV.

It will also arrive around the same time as an all-electric Audi compact similar to the Volkswagen I.D. "We decided to go the SUV way because, even though the architecture is a little more difficult because you don't have the perfect aerodynamics, people love to sit in an SUV and we have to respect the growing trend of SUV segments," said Stadler. "I think this was two or three years ago absolutely the right decision." Audi's electric SUV was previously previewed by the e-tron Quattro Concept, and while it's likely to have a similar shape, it probably won't retain the Q6 name. Stadler also confirmed that the all-electric compact Audi is expected to share the same 168-hp electric motor as the Volkswagen I.D.

If so, this would mean it would have a battery range expected to last between 200 and 375 miles. The second-gen BMW i8 is reportedly due to arrive in 2022 as an all-electric supercar with a rumored power output of 750-horsepower. Whether Audi's competitor follows in a similar vein to the unsuccessful Audi R8 e-tron remains to be seen.

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