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Audi Will Launch A Slick E-Tron GT Four-Door Coupe In 2022

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Guess which other upcoming EV it has a lot in common with.

We're going to be seeing a lot of pure electric vehicles launch in the next few years, both mainstream and luxury. However, it'll be the latter that'll receive the most attention. Take Audi, for example. According to the German language Auto Motor und Sport, Audi is planning to launch the E-Tron GT four-door coupe for model year 2022. Speaking to Audi R7D boss Peter Mertens, the E-Tron GT is, for now, a working title, but the groundwork for it is already underway, as well as for a new EV supercar.

Mertens hinted it will feature coupe-like roof styling, an inverse single frame grille, narrow and aggressive front headlights, and pronounced wheel arches. Think the e-tron Sportback Concept, pictured here, only lowered and with various other styling updates. Under that sleek skin, however, the E-Tron GT will have a lot in common with VW Group's also in the works EV, the Porsche Mission E. Of course, it won't be a complete duplicate, technology wise, but the two will share many components. For example, the Audi is expected to inherit the Porsche's lithium-ion battery setup. A variation, though tweaked by Audi, of the Mission E's four-wheel drive system is also being developed.

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There's no doubt the E-Tron GT, like the Mission E, is going to be expensive; a starting price of just under 100,000 euros isn't exactly cheap. Audi's EV super sedan will have an output of at least 600 hp and a driving range that'll exceed 300 miles on a single charge. The Volkswagen Group is supposedly giving Audi the greenlight to proceed with the project because transferring the Porsche Mission E's technology to a sister company makes sense investment wise; why spend all that money on a single make/model when there's more than enough room in the market for both.