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Audi Will Launch the Next-Generation A5 in 2016


Nearly 9 years after it first debuted, the A5 will finally receive a complete redesign.

Considered by Volkswagen Group design chief Walter de Silva as the most beautiful car he’s ever done, the Audi A5 is showing its age. That’s because it launched back in 2007. And despite a semi-recent refresh, the competition has caught up. Fortunately Audi has no intention of dropping it and is currently developing the second generation model. Car Magazine has reported on some early details of the new A5, which will debut in coupe form in spring 2016. Six months after that the convertible will launch.

Design wise, expect an overall evolutionary approach. The front grille will take on a bolder look and there will probably be more aggressive and larger air intakes. Built on the same platform as the also in development next-gen A4 sedan, the new A5 will be lighter, stiffer, and more efficient than the current car. Interior space will also increase. Obviously both front- and Quattro all-wheel drive will once again be on the menu. Regarding engine options, expect to see 2.0-liter TFSI return in the US and Europe, while the latter will also receive the 1.8-liter TFSI and a 3.0-liter TDI V6. And in all likelihood, an eventual RS5 successor will make an appearance.

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