Audi Will Merge The Digital And Physical Realms To Showcase New Car Interior

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The German brand wants to reinvent the car interior as we know it.

Audi will present an all-new digital artwork at Design Miami, which takes place from 30 November to 4 December.

To create this new artwork, Audi turned to Andres Reisinger, who is one of the foremost digital artists of the 21st century. Reisinger focuses on groundbreaking work between the digital and physical spheres. In the case of this artwork, he will essentially focus on the interior of the Audi Grandsphere concept, bringing it to life in a virtual world of architecture and color.

"Audi believes in working together with like-minded people to create meaningful and fascinating experiences that will shape premium mobility and design. Together with Andres Reisinger, we will explore a sphere beyond a physical installation, digitally re-interpreting interior design," said Henrik Wenders, Head of Brand Audi.


Audi has a long history with Design Miami. It previously used the festival to showcase mobility, technology, and design.

This year's display will consist of the Grandsphere concept and an LED wall allowing Reisinger to do his job. Audi can use the LED wall to showcase what it has in mind for future car interiors. Using advanced digitization, the German brand will not just update interiors but reinvent them completely. Audi says it wants to create more than just a car. It wants a new high-class "experience device."

Obviously, Audi is referring to autonomous vehicles here. Anything below that still requires attention at all times, in which case the car is still very much just a piece of metal you need to drive.

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With the Grandsphere, Audi is aiming for Level 4 autonomous driving. At Level 4, the car can drive itself without human intervention, but only in the right setting. This is still a few years away, and so far, Honda is leading the autonomous battle, having reached Level 3 first.

The interior of the Grandsphere, which has loads of room to stretch out, still has a steering wheel and loads of features aimed at the driver. But it's Reisinger's job to create a space without a steering wheel, pedals, or instruments; these controls can be temporarily hidden in the Grandsphere. Reisinger will have a lot of room to play with, given the flat floor and the exterior dimensions. The Grandsphere is significantly longer and wider than the Audi A8.

Audi's Grandsphere is also rumored to be a preview of the upcoming Project Artemis, which will debut in 2026.

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