Audi Will Reveal Another Stunning e-tron EV Next Week

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Could it be a Mercedes EQS rival, or something else?

Audi is on a roll right now. Capitalizing on the fervor that the e-tron GT created, the luxury automaker has just revealed its Q4 e-tron siblings. But as car people, the ones we are most interested in are those with stunning performance. While the RS e-tron GT is the halo model for the range at this time, Audi has just released a teaser of a new vehicle, and although we doubt it'll be the racy vehicle that the GT RS, the teaser guarantees that it'll look spectacular. Sadly, the teaser image is cropped, so we don't get too many hints as to what we can expect, but the signs are positive.

Charge Port AUDI AG

Concept sketches such as this don't usually give an accurate idea of proportions, especially when the image is cropped, but it appears that Audi is telling us to expect a sporty model. The brake caliper looks very large, the brake disc is drilled, and the wheels are the kind you'd find on a performance car, especially with low-profile rubber. It also looks like it could be a very low and very wide vehicle - possibly something to rival the Mercedes-Benz EQS. Super narrow headlights are fitted too, while the gaping "air intakes" on either side of the spot where the main grille would be also hint at performance, although they're not RS-shaped, so to speak.

Side View AUDI AG
Side View AUDI AG
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The vanes on those intakes below the headlights as well as those below the Singleframe grille look chromed, so this could well be a luxury cruiser. The Audi badge also seems to be illuminated, but that's pretty much all we can glean from these images. The new car, likely to be revealed first as a concept, will make its public debut next week at the Auto Shanghai Show in China, which will run from April 21-28. With loads of other new vehicles being revealed, Audi will have to reveal something spectacular to steal the headlines. Based on just one teaser, we don't think that will be a problem.

Front View AUDI AG
Dashboard AUDI AG
Rear Angle View AUDI AG

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