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Audi Won't Build The Future TT Nobody Wanted

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The TT's body style will continue how it should be.

Earlier this month we learned that Audi was considering a four-door version of its TT coupe when the time comes for a redesign. Audi's logic was that the coupe and roadster segment is quickly dying, and only a few brands are finding success. It may not be worth Audi's development time and money any longer.

But the TT is still a recognizable name, so Audi toyed with the idea of turning it into a more practical four-door coupe. According to CarAdvice, that won't be happening. The Australian publication recently spoke to Peter Oberndorfer, Audi's head of communications, who confirmed the four-door coupe idea is no longer.

Now, some of you may recall back in 2014 when Audi seriously considered an entire "TT family", so to speak, consisting of a coupe, sedan and even a crossover-ish type of vehicle. That idea originated from now former Audi technical chief Ulrich Hackenberg, who was ousted following the revelations of Dieselgate.

"Actually we had the idea of a TT 'family', so to speak," Oberndorfer said. "Not so much anymore. I think the TT is an icon, and to do a family (car) out of that is quite difficult. And especially in these times where we have to concentrate more and more, because we have to do gasoline and diesels on the one side, and electrification on the other side."

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The guy brings up some good points here, the main one being the TT always has been and should always be two-doors. "So you have to concentrate more and more and think about what you can do and what you can afford. So we're quite happy with one TT at the moment," he added. But what does Audi have to say regarding that four-door TT rumor? "Where the recent stories came from, I don't know. I don't know about a four-door TT," Oberndorfer said.