Audi Won't Sell The Diesel A4 In The US Because SUVs Make More Sense


We don't think Audi is making the right decision here.

We recently reported that demand for Audi diesels was still high despite the recent Dieselgate scandal. Audi listened to its customers and will continue to bring diesel-powered cars to the US. However, there is a slight catch. The new A4 diesel will not be brought to the US. Audi's decision to scrap the diesel-powered sedan seems silly considering said demand. Apparently, Audi believes that customers only want diesel-powered SUVs. This means that if you want an diesel-powered Audi in the future, you better get used to driving an SUV.


In the first six months of 2015, Audi says that diesel models only made up 6 to 8 percent of A6, A7 and A8 sales. On the flip side, diesels accounted for about 12 percent of Q5 compact crossover sales and almost 22 percent of Q7 sales in the same period. If you want a diesel-powered sedan, your options are starting to get limited.

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