Audi Working on Electric Quattro All-Wheel Drive

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Special aerodynamic alloys also in the mix.

The traditional Quattro system is to take a quantum leap forward as new technical patents reveal that Audi is working on an e-quattro all-wheel drive system that will use an electrically-driven rear axle. Combining electric drive with a rapid-reacting AWD, the new innovation will enable brake regeneration forces to vary according to road conditions. To that end, Audi is seeking a patent for a software system that would utilize wheel sensors to detect the point when one of the wheels may break traction on a slippery surface.

Another patent application for a future bit of kit is for aerodynamic wheels. Using hinged flaps between the alloy wheels' spokes that move radially as the wheel speeds up, a completely flat wheel cover is created, smoothing airflow at speed and improving the car's aerodynamic performance. The wheel flaps open as the car slows and are also temperature sensitive so can open when braking surfaces heat up.

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