Audi's Cheapest Models Will Be Killed Off To Build More EVs

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That's what happens when demand dries up.

The smallest and least expensive Audi you can buy in the US right now is the A3. Overseas, however, there are two additional models that are considered "entry-level" for the luxury brand. But not for much longer. Audi has confirmed the A1 and the Q2 will leave the lineup once their current generation is retired. Neither will be directly replaced.

"The Q2 is here to stay for some time to come. We're talking a good few years, here," Audi's official statement reads. "We can, however, confirm that there will be no direct successor to the Audi Q2 when it is phased out in a few years' time." We've suspected that the A1 supermini wouldn't be around much longer either because this segment's popularity, even in Europe, continues to dwindle. Now it's official.

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It is possible, however, an all-electric A2 could appear at some point down the road but no concrete plans are in place just yet. The A1 is, more or less, the more luxurious and expensive corporate cousin of the Volkswagen Polo. The Q2 is closely related to the also overseas-only VW T-Roc. Both the A1 and Q2 ride on a variation of the VW Group's popular MQB platform.

This is the same architecture family underpinning the Golf GTI and Golf R. Eliminating these two models will help allow Audi to focus on more premium vehicles that have higher profit margins. Come 2026, the luxury brand will no longer launch any new models powered by an internal combustion engine.

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Audi will completely end all ICE vehicle production in 2033, though it's leaving the door open to continue building gas-powered models for a few additional years in China if market demand dictates. Audi's EV revolution is already underway with popular new vehicles like the e-tron GT and Q4 e-tron. Next up will be the facelifted e-tron SUV, though word has it a name change to Q8 e-tron will happen in order to help clarify the lineup.

Audi has taken the lead within the VW Group as the technology leader. Sometime in 2024, the top-secret Project Artemis will be revealed. The vehicle is directly aimed at Tesla and will feature the latest in EV and autonomous driving technologies.

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