Audi's Ultimate Sedan Will Never Happen

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What we really want remains restricted from the highest tier of performance.

As any fan of The Transporter will attest, a fast, big-body luxury sedan is super cool. There's just something about understated performance and hidden menace that is utterly awesome, and BMW is working on a way to deliver that sort of modest yet blistering performance in its 7 Series. However, there will not be an M7.

Audi is following the same route and has reiterated once more that "there are no plans in the pipeline" for an RS-fettled Audi A8, says Autocar. While we do have access to an Audi S8, the Ingolstadt-based automaker feels that its customers wouldn't like to have anything more extreme. We disagree.


Mercedes-AMG is the only one of the big three German brands that has seen fit to bestow its most performance-focused badge on its most luxury-focused machine with a high-horsepower version of the S-Class, but why won't Audi see where the rabbit hole leads? A spokesperson told Autocar that "an RS is very expressive and thus appeals to customers who would love that, while the A8 customers prefer a bit more understatement."

We're not so sure that a more extreme version of the A8 would necessarily be frowned upon; Audi itself once took the concept through to the prototype phase, which indicates that there must be some customers out there who are interested in such a monster.


Still, we must concede that a monstrous gas-guzzling super sedan with too much power and handling akin to the Titanic would likely not be everyone's first choice in today's climate. Eventually, there will certainly be all-electric versions of every car that Audi, BMW, and all the rest currently produce, and when those days come, the idea of an overpowered luxury limo, albeit one fueled by electricity rather than gasoline, is likely to be a little more palatable.

That said, we can't help but wonder how fun it would be to hoon around in an S65, hop out and compare it to an M7, and then go bonkers in an RS8. Unfortunately, that will always be little more than a fantasy.

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