Aussie Invader Aims to Beat Bloodhound to 1000 MPH

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There are now two supersonic cars in the making that will try and crack the 1,000-mph barrier in 2014.

It appears the British Bloodhound SSC has a fight on its hands to break the world land speed record and the 1,000mph speed barrier with Australian team, Aussie Invader, launching a campaign with identical aims. Lead by Australian Speed Record holder Rosco McGlashan, the team is currently constructing the Aussie Invader 5R, which will be powered by the same liquid oxygen and bio-kerosene rocket booster used in the Atlas V spacecraft.

The $4 million car, which weighs 9,000kg fully fueled, will produce 62,000 pounds of thrust,(equivalent to approximately 200,000 horsepower), and is predicted to hit 1,000mph in 20 seconds. Its solid aluminum wheels, which run without tires, weigh 100kg each and can turn up to 10,000 times per minute. Test runs are expected to start next year with a record attempt scheduled for 2014, the same year as the British team. McGlashan hopes to set the records on Australian soil.

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