Aussie Race Car Goes Airborne And Disintegrates During Brutal Crash

Wrecks don't get much scarier than this.

We have seen quite a few racing crashes around these parts, but this one takes the cake in terms of sheer destruction and intensity. Driver Damien Flack was nudged by his brother, Adrian Flack, on a straightaway, causing his car to veer off the track and smack a barrier. Damien Flack’s car hit the barrier and became airborne, rolling violently and losing pieces off the frame before finally coming to a halt. Then it caught on fire. Despite all that, Flack survived, albeit with serious injuries.

This video is worth a watch for a few reasons, one of which being sheer shock value (we won’t deny it). That being said it also shows you just how safe today’s race cars are and how tough and brave you need to be in order to drive them.

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