Aussies Build The World's First X5 Ute

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The Australian love of the Ute has led to something wonderful.

For all of the success enjoyed by the Ford Ranchero and the Chevy El Camino, the love Americans feel for this vehicle type pales in comparison to the love the Australians have for their Utes. It doesn't even come close. It therefore comes as no surprise that an Australian firm, known down under as Motorline BMW, was the first to convert a BMW X5 into a Ute. The result is quite good.

Once, BMW did build a factory M3 Ute prototype, and it would be easy to confuse this for a similar factory effort. The glaring indicator here is that the rear window panel comes from a Toyota and is labeled as such, but you'd have to look hard to find it. There are not a lot of details supplied here, but we do know that it is powered by the 3.0 diesel engine, which is appropriately utilitarian. Hey, BMW, take note.

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