Australia Has Clever Way Of Picking Buyers For Civic Type R Limited Edition

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This is something all markets should adopt.

The Honda Civic Type R is a brilliant machine in its standard form, but the new Type R Limited Edition takes brilliance to another level. It's smashed lap records and doesn't have a problem doing 180 mph in a straight line either. With less weight, special BBS wheels made specifically for the car, and aero tweaks, the FWD hot hatch hero is highly sought after. For the Australian market, just 20 units are being imported but over 700 people are keen on buying one. Honda Australia is also keeping one for promos, so how does one choose who is worthy?

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Generally, one would assume that the first to register interest may be first in line, but that's not always a fair manner of determining who should be lucky enough to get an opportunity at owning one of these cars. As a result, Honda down under has decided to use a randomized lottery system to pick potential owners. The lottery will be run for the month of October and will be limited to one entry per person, again ensuring that the winners are fairly selected. The idea came about to prevent a repeat of what happened next door to us in Canada, where all 100 vehicles allocated for that market were reserved in just four minutes.

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Honda Australia's director, Stephen Collins, says: "With an extremely small number of Civic Type R Limited Editions available for our market, we wanted to present an equal opportunity for all customers keen to purchase one of these cars, irrespective of their location, dealership access or internet connection." We think this is a great idea that will also prevent dealers from making it too expensive for people to buy special editions like this.

Perhaps BMW should do this for the new M2 CS. It certainly makes a lot more sense than seeing those who don't fully appreciate the car get access to one simply because they can pay more than the next person.

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