Australia: Lamborghini Denies Killing Aventador Fire Story

Wouldn't be the smartest move, considering it happened at a media event.

What would you do if you were showing off your 795,000Australian dollar supercar to local media and perspective buyers, when suddenly,the V12 beast burst in flames? According to some reports from an event thattook place at Phillip Island race track last month, Lamborghini used severalfire extinguishers to kill the fire, and then asked reporters not to writeabout it. Some sources claim they were even asked to delete images of thefire, though several pictures of the aftermath have leaked.

Apparently, the fire was caused by an oil leak after manylaps on the track. Lamborghini stressed that “the investigation has confirmed that the issue was not due to any fault in the design or constructionof the vehicle." As for the reported cover-up, the company said "wecertainly did not 'force' any of our guests to delete any imagery obtained onthe day. We did however, kindly request that our guests refrain from making anyassumptions through the media."

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