Australia Says Goodbye To The Ford Falcon Ute But Not All Hope Is Lost

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There's always a successor of some sort.

We knew this was coming for some time but for Ute enthusiasts Down Under, we're sure they're taking this with a heavy heart. reports that late last week Ford built the final Falco Ute, thus marking the end of an era that began back in 1961. The final Falcon Ute was a white XR6. Consider the case of the Falcon Ute as a preview of what's coming next: the permanent retirement of the Falcon sedan, thus the entire lineup.


The Falcon wagon was killed off back in 2010. Still, the end of the Australian-built Falcon lineup marks the end of the country's overall Ford manufacturing operations. The final Falcon sedan is set to be built on October 7. So, what will replace the Falcon Ute in the Ford lineup? The Australian-developed, but Thai-built Ranger. Actually, the Ranger, which has been on sale in Australia and other global markets (read: not the US) for a few years now, is already the best-selling Ford in Australia. It may not be built in Australia but at least it was Ford Australia that developed one of the best mid-size trucks sold anywhere in the world. That's something definitely to be proud of.

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