Australia Wants to Keep Holden by Having GM Sell It

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And the chances of that happening are very, very unlikely.

The saga regarding GM's Australian Holden brand just won't go away, but perhaps that's exactly what the folks Down Under want. As we all know by now, General Motors, along with Ford, has announced the end of Australian manufacturing in the next few years. As a result, many workers will lose their jobs, but GM has still committed itself to maintaining the Holden brand name. However, those so-called future Holdens could end up being built in China.

But Jay Weatherill, the state premier of South Australia where Holden manufacturing takes place, isn't giving up the fight just yet. Instead of GM's current plan, he would actually prefer for it to sell Holden to another automaker who'd keep things the way they are. "It may be that a particular car manufacturer might want to set up here but use the equity that's in the Holden brand to continue making cars," Weatherill stated. "That's obviously something that's the property of General Motors at the moment and, presumably, they have an interest in keeping it because it has value for them." The chances of GM actually willing to sell, however, are unknown. In fact, the idea itself sadly sounds like a lost cause.

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