Australia Will Get The Hyundai Pickup Truck America Won't


America will have to settle for something similar, but still quite different.

Suddenly it seems as if smaller, mid-size segment pickup trucks have made a comeback. Perhaps they have, as the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon twins have demonstrated, and the redesigned Honda Ridgeline has further proven. That said, we know Ford will re-launch an all-new Ranger in 2019, and Nissan is busy at work on the Frontier’s eventual replacement. And then there’s Hyundai, which showed its Santa Cruze truck crossover concept at Detroit in 2015.

That concept was a surprise success, and, according to Australia’s Car Advice, will be for North America, and not Australia. Instead, Down Under will receive a proper "4x4 or 4x2 truck." By contrast, the Santa Cruz is car-based, but it’s the true truck that speaks to us. Hyundai Australia COO Scott Grant told Car Advice that "The official word is that ute is developing now, but in the HMC world, six months or next year is a long way out. It’s not this side of 2020." Furthermore, Grant stated there’s no confirmation regarding the vehicle’s configuration either. The only thing Grant admitted to was that Hyundai wants "a Colorado, Ranger, that kind of product."

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The eventual American market Santa Cruz will, more than likely, rest on an existing, AWD capable platform that’ll be modified for further off-road capabilities. Right, so Australia gets a new mid-size truck from Hyundai while North America will receive a car-based truck? Yep. Remember, the Honda Ridgeline has been, from the get-go, car-based, and that setup has worked out just fine for Honda.