Australian Adventure Goes Dangerously Amuck

Something like this is impossible to stage - even for a reality show.

What do you do when a pair of 4x4s are out on a mission of exploration in Australia in search of new fishing spots along the country’s coast? Well, there may not be a whole lot you can do when you’re in a predicament like these guys. Jase and Simon are the hosts of Australian series All 4 Adventure, and they’re used to being in difficult situations. But this time the pair and their cameraman are six hours away from the nearest help when one of their trucks gets stranded in the muck.

And this muck will be a river when the tide changes. Using the winch on one truck to help recover the other starts off going fairly well, but it gets worse. You can see how the two survive when All 4 Adventure’s latest season premieres later this month. Clips from the episodes are on the show’s official website.

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