Australian Billionaire In Hot Water Over Hitler's Mercedes-Benz

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Businessman and politician Clive Palmer is denying the purchase of the controversial Benz.

For decades, Mercedes-Benz has been synonymous with power and prestige. This image has attracted the world's influential elite, from celebrities such as Kim Kardashian to religious leaders such as the Pope. The German brand is favored by world leaders, who often arrive at important meetings in the back of a stately S-Class.

Sometimes, however, the brand attracts less-desirable customers. But they all pale in comparison to the owner of the beautiful but tainted 770K Grosser Offener Tourenwagen. Once used by Adolf Hitler himself, the large Mercedes went up for auction years ago but failed to sell. Reports indicate that the controversial luxury car has now been sold, with an Australian billionaire allegedly purchasing the vehicle. Problem is, he's a politician - and the Australian government isn't particularly pleased.

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As per The Courier Mail, Clive Palmer allegedly bought the piece of automotive history from an unknown Russian billionaire. While the Australian businessman has denied this, the country's Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews has warned the avid car collector that if the allegations are true, he will have to face the law. Palmer has now announced legal action against those saying he has purchased the Mercedes, with one spokesperson describing it as "fake news."

Member of Parliament Patrick Gorman took to Twitter to express his disdain for the contentious Mercedes, writing, "There is no reason for the importation of these obscene objects into Australia, billionaire or not."

If the allegations are true, Palmer would be in contravention of several laws. As the Mercedes would have been imported from Russia, it would directly go against trade bans and embargoes related to the current conflict in Ukraine.

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With Palmer steadfastly denying the serious allegations, it is currently unknown at this time whether the car was bought and, if so, by whom. Hitler, the leader of the villainous Nazi Party, used the grand 770K to attend the absurd party rallies across Europe. The coach-built Mercedes-Benz was also the preferred mode of transport for Emperor Hirohito, a man with equally questionable morals.

While the German luxury car is an undeniable piece of World War II memorabilia, it is a problematic symbol of a truly terrible time for the world. While its inclusion within a WW II museum could be understood, the purchase of a vehicle such as this - by a politician, no less - is inappropriate, if Palmer is the actual owner.

The Mercedes was allegedly bought, together with a Rolls-Royce, to be displayed at a car museum in the state of Queensland. Nearly 100 years on, the Mercedes owned by one of the evilest men to have ever lived continues to be embroiled in controversy.

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Source Credits: The Courier Mail

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