Australian Dealership Sells First Honda S2000 In Six Years

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It sounds strange but it actually happened.

Australia's CarAdvice noticed something peculiar in the VFACTS sales report for November 2016. Honda was credited with a single sale for an S2000, a car that went out of production back in 2009 and which last recorded a sale in Australia all the way back in November 2008. When the Aussie outlet reached out to Honda about the oddity on its sales report the automaker confirmed that yes, a "new" S2000 had been sold to a customer by a dealership in the southeastern Australian state of New South Wales.

The Honda dealership kept the S2000 on the lot for promotional purposes, hence why it was never sold. A customer must have convinced the dealer to give up the car for a prince's ransom, although the exact sum hasn't been revealed. Despite being nine years old this S2000 is likely one of the cleanest on the planet. Think about it: This thing was probably driven only when necessary and was cleaned regularly thanks to its prominent place in the showroom. An S2000 with only delivery miles on it in excellent condition might have commanded more than any new car on the lot. Next time you see your dream car, no matter where it's located, think of this story and summon up the courage to make an offer. You never know how things might turn out.


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