Drag Race

Australian Racer Comes to Kick Some US Tail

Some Australia muscle comes stateside to compete in Drag Week.

This 1972 Chrysler Valiant Charger came to the US from Australia for a specific reason: to take part in Drag Week 2013. As you’ll quickly see, this old Australian muscle car is anything but ordinary. It’s powered by a 572ci Twin 88mm Turbo V8 and weighs nearly 4,200 lbs despite having a considerable amount of carbon fiber throughout. The guys over at 1320 Video managed to get an up close look at the beast from Down Under.

Despite encountering a few tuning issues, the Charger’s owner managed to continue the journey to additional track venues. And everywhere he went, the car gathered plenty of attention. It’s just damn impressive how far these guys came in order to burn some rubber on American soil.

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