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Australians Going Nuts Over New Ford Mustang


Something's got to replace the Falcon after all.

We’ve heard about the sales status of the newly redesigned 2015 Ford Mustang for the US market, while the Mustang convertible is currently making its way to dealerships. But we haven’t heard all that much about how the Mustang is doing overseas. Until now. Australian publication CarAdvice is reporting that Mustang sales down under are already quite impressive – and the car has yet to officially launch. Ford Australia has begun an online pre-ordering system which has already taken in some 1,200 orders, half of which have been with deposits.

And that will very likely be just the beginning. 15,000 Australian muscle car fans have shown what Ford calls “pre-interest” in the car. They have yet to place an order but the country’s 200 Ford dealerships are actively reaching out to them in order to seal the deal. But back to that pre-ordering system, which Ford is particularly proud of. Not only will it help Australian Ford dealers sell more Mustangs, but also future models such as the new Mondeo, Everest, Focus, and Focus ST. There’s also the Australia-only Falcon FG X. "Given the Mustang’s role as a halo vehicle," Ford stated, "the site will help dealers identify customers who may have been drawn by the new car but are more likely to choose among Ford’s array of other new products."

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