Australia's Nissan Patrol Warrior Is Overlanding Perfection

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The Patrol Warrior receives many updates that make it even more rugged off-road.

Nissan Australia has revealed a hardcore version of the unstoppable Patrol (known to us as the Armada) for adventurers and off-road enthusiasts. The Japanese automaker has gone to Premcar to create the Warrior derivative, a car it describes as "tailor-made for Australian conditions."

Based on the Ti trim level, the Patrol Warrior by Premcar receives standard satellite navigation, blind spot warning, power-operated leather seats, and emergency braking, among other features. The Premcar team focused on four key areas to improve the Patrol.

Let's start with the off-road capability. The Warrior has greater ground clearance than the stock SUV, Yokohama G015 295/70 all-terrain tires, and a new tow bar design to accommodate the full-size spare tire. Premcar has also made several improvements to the suspension.

The Patrol Warrior sits 1.96 inches taller than the standard Ti and boasts a 1.57-inch wider track compared to the standard model. The approach and departure angles are 40 and 23.3 degrees, respectively.

Nissan Australia Nissan Australia Nissan Australia Nissan Australia

Premcar has also redeveloped the front springs and replaced the rear ones with new multi-rate springs. The Hydraulic Body Motion Control system has also been tuned while a new rear bump-stop has been fitted. The naturally aspirated 5.6-liter V8 engine has been left untouched, but a new bi-modal exhaust system delivers 400 horsepower with a mellifluous growl.

The exterior benefits from a new front bumper, bash plate, and fender flares, all of which give the Patrol an aggressive look. The standard chrome grille makes way for a sinister black-painted finish, which matches the rear valance panel and mirror caps. Warrior decals, badging finish, and 18-inch wheels finish everything off nicely. Four demure shades will be offered for the exterior: Brilliant Silver, Moonstone White, Gun Metallic, and Black Obsidian.

Inside, the Patrol retains its tasteful and upmarket trimmings. The Warrior variant boasts black gloss inlays and Alcantara trim with Warrior logos.

Nissan Australia has previously worked with Premcar to create the capable Navara PRO-4X Warrior.

Nissan Australia Nissan Australia Nissan Australia Nissan Australia

"The Patrol Warrior by Premcar has been developed specifically for Australian conditions and is the product of some of Australia's leading car-making know-how. It's been developed after thousands of hours of intensive research by our dedicated team of automotive industry engineering and manufacturing specialists, and we're incredibly proud to launch the latest addition to the Warrior range," said Premcar Engineering Director, Bernie Quinn.

In terms of pricing, the Patrol Warrior by Premcar is priced at AU$101,160 (approx. $64,741), making it one of the priciest Patrol models in the lineup. That being said, customers are getting a lot of car for the money, especially if they require something rugged and luxurious for life in the outback.

Sadly, we don't expect to see the Warrior by Premcar in the United States. The current Armada is on the way out, with a new "Range Rover-like" model scheduled to arrive in the coming years. Expect more luxury and a powerful twin-turbo V6 engine.

Nissan Australia Nissan Australia Nissan Australia Nissan Australia Nissan Australia Nissan Australia

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