Austrian Mechanic Totals Gallardo Spyder on Joyride

Completes minor repairs, then takes the car on a suicide spin.

The owner of this Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder may have beenexpecting an inflated bill when he brought his car in for minor repairs inRainbach, Austria. But he certainly didn’t expect to get his Spyder backas a total write-off. Unfortunately for him, the mechanic he selected was a 29year-old gearhead who just “couldn’t resist” the chance to take the car out fora spin. The result, as the Daily Mail reports, was an unpleasant meeting with aguard rail that flipped the car onto its roof.

The driver escaped unharmed, while his 24 year-old friendsuffered a head injury and was treated at the scene. It then took 14firefighters to get the Gallardo back on its wheels, before being towed away toits untimely burial.

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